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Vendor Finance Programs

Summit Blue Capital partners with equipment vendors to develop customized leasing and finance programs. Our solutions are built around the selling process of our partners and designed to increase sales and create customer loyalty.  

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen

Vendor Program Offerings

  • Private Label Program

    • All communication and documentation is done in a name closely associated with the equipment vendor's name to create a seamless sales process.​

  • Co-Branded Program

    • The equipment vendor's name and logo appear on documentation alongside Summit Blue Capital to present a closely aligned partnership to the customer.

  • Referral Program

    • The vendor simply refers a customer to us that is interested in exploring options other than paying cash upfront. 

Image by Matteo Catanese

Benefits of a Vendor Program

  • Increase Sales

    • Selling a monthly payment, creating a payment plan that fits in the customer's budget, and offering promotions such as 0% financing are a few of the many strategies that will lead to increased sales.

  • Add-Ons and Upgrade Strategies

    • As the vendor introduces new products to market, we have strategies to help create additional revenue opportunities.

  • Control the Secondary Market

    • A program can help to prevent the vendor's ​used equipment from hitting the market.

  • Sales Training​​​

    • We offer free training programs on how to use leasing as a sales tool.

  • Quick Approval Process​

  • Simple Documentation

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